Adrift Bike Co.

Why buy another brands bike when you can do it yourself?

Adrift Bikes is a passion project. I understand carbon manufacturing in the bike industry thanks to my time at Cal Poly and time working at a bike shop. So I thought why not have a custom frame made for this race season?

I emailed back and forth with a carbon fiber frame manufacturer in china for months trying to get what I wanted. Once I was happy with what I was getting I designed logos that I would apply to the bike. I wanted to capture the uncertainty I had in the process as well as an adventurous feeling in my branding so I chose Adrift as a brand name. After being sent drawings by the factory I started designing a logo and head badge for the bike.

Frame geometry
Raw frames from the factory
Vinyl Logo Drafts
Digital Logo - Adobe Illustrator/Capture
Final Logo
Drafted Logos

It all payed off! First race on the bike, first win on the bike! Currently working with the factory on carbon layup improvements and hardware durability.

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