2D Design

Graphic design and 2D art

The Life & Times of Manfred the Banana - Design and words by Eric Olsen, presented by Sierra Scamfer - 11"x8.5"- Microsoft Publisher

This project was my final AP Literature assignment. The task was to come up with a "Book That Should Be Written" and as extra credit create a cover and first chapter to the book. I processed botanical drawings from google images with a Photoshop effect to create the plant graphics.

I also designed the sports pages, senior pages, and story pages for my high school yearbook.

Assorted Yearbook Design - Eric Olsen - Adobe Indesign - 14"x14" page - 1/1/17 through 5/1/17
A page that incorporates a processed architectural drawing.
All pages printed by LithtexNW in Bellingham. Bound by Northwest Book.

My friends and I used to always go to the climbing gym and then get creme brûlée afterwords so I came up with the idea of a "Climb Brûlée" club. Last Christmas I decided to make t-shirts to celebrate the good times.

Hand draft - Eric Olsen - Pencil & Pen - 4"x4" - 12/1/17
Climb Brulee logo - Eric Olsen - Adobe Illustrator - 12/2/17
Climb Brûlée on the Mt. Baker Summit!

Other drawing work:

"Wise" - Eric Olsen - Charcoal - 16"x24" - 1/25/19
"A Gift" - Eric Olsen - Adobe Capture - 11/25/18

Other projects: