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Gnome Foam - Eric Olsen - Closed cell polyethylene and polyolefin - 622mm rim diameter - 10/12/18

"Gnome Foam" is a bike tire insert that prevents rim damage by acting as a bump stop. After getting a ton of flat tires on rocks in San Luis Obispo I wanted to get a tire insert but they were far to expensive at $75 a wheel. Sitting in a polymers lecture I decided I was going to try and make my own for a lot cheaper. My original prototype cost less then $5 a wheel.

Gnome Foam Logo - Molly Meehan & Eric Olsen - Adobe Illustrator - 12/6/18
Foam bulk material data sheet
Prototype "V3"
A Simple Packaging Test - Eric Olsen - Cardboard - 3/15/19

I've had enough interest in Gnome Foam that I'm looking into packaging. I wanted to see how easily the foam would fold for shipping or hanging on a display.

A previous prototype (and my roommate)
Test rider using gnome foam prototype v1

Another bike product. An adapter widget for mounting my bike light on my handlebars.

The finished prototype - Eric Olsen - PLA plastic - 25mm x 22mm x 30mm - 9/23/18
CAD work done in SolidWorks
The 3D printed part

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