3D Design

Other 3D artwork and projects.

"Flight" - Eric Olsen - Wood and wire mesh - 3/4/19

I think this section of my portfolio is the least refined. These projects are further out of my comfort zone but I really enjoyed learning different processes while working on them. The project below started with design in AutoCAD to make a tile design. The tiles were then 3D printed. The 3D prints were then coated in latex before plaster was poured to create a mold. The mold was then used to press clay tiles.

3D printed tile design - Eric Olsen - PLA -1/24/19
Prepped for plaster
Pouring the plaster mold
The finished pressed tiles - Eric Olsen - Clay - 3/30/19
Cave Dweller - Eric Olsen - Sculptris - 2/17/19

Other projects: